source of thought

Where thoughts come from. How I can look at them. All I know is that they come to me, they arise in me. When they do, in the intimacy of the mind, it is easy to claim them as mine. As if a thing 'only' granted to you is for that reason your possession. (In a way yes, it possesses you) They seem to be delivered especially for me. I have no clue where they come from or how they came to be. How it is easy to own a thought and claim it as your own, just because it comes to you in intimate privacy. How instead I could look at it in the same way I consume air. It flows into me and I make use of the air. So I can see it with thoughts, the thoughts come to me and I consume them, I make use of them.

How in this way I can distances myself even more from thoughts. To see it as another flow of input, a stream of energy, similar as air, light or sound. And when it's seen as that, how you see thought, how you handle thought, changes.


A thought comes to you. It serves you. It is something given. It has emerged inside you by dynamics/forces you are only to explain through symbols. The thought came to you, honour it. Do not claim it as yours, because you do not even know where it came from, how it came to be. If you do claim it, whatever that materialises from that thought, you will also claim. This will attach you, bind you, with it. You'll be less free.

Do nurture a thought, give it attention, let it grow, but do not claim it as yours.

Protect it if necessary. Find the right time to seed it, to share it, to materialize it, to take action from it, to place it into the world. Be a caretaker for your thoughts, especially the ones that want to see daylight.

Ever increasing resolution

It has emerged inside you by dynamics/forces you are only to explain through symbols.
Not much different as referring to the thunder-god for the thunder. As long as your mind can file it and the mind is content with this filing.


Beside is there really such a thing as owning a thing. Or is that nothing more then a man made agreement.