Welcome Back Discomfort

I wish to tap more into the potential of my body and in doing so making it ever more comfortable with it’s surroundings. It is not a quest to search for the boundaries and to break limits, but more so a path of curiosity and belief that the body can become ever more capable.

To introduce discomfort, just a little, enabling myself to still welcome it, to relax in it. To sense and find that balance between my own comfort and the welcomed discomfort. To be on that edge, where discomfort can transform into comfort.

To feel the body with a finer sense. To be acquainted with it’s vague boundaries of comfort. To listen ever more attentively and to guide yourself over that edge. That edge where discomfort and comfort meet.

To welcome back the cold, the dark and the rain, not only to see that it is just that, but to see the gift they bring. If I would like to connect a story to it, I would choose a story of potential, of exhilaration, of growth, not one of misery and discomfort. A part of me wants to go there, wants to be exposed, gently, feelingly and with one step at the time.